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Teachers Overseas

Am I able to use my teaching qualification in the UK?
There are many opportunities to teach in the UK. Whether you want to use supply teaching as a means to fund a working holiday or you want to come to the UK to gain more experience in education, Essential can accommodate you.
Essential would help you come to the UK and find employment as long as you can answer the following questions in the affirmative to demonstrate that you meet the key requirements:

  • Do you have qualified teacher status in your country?
  • Do you have a university degree?
  • Do you have a good standard of spoken English?
  • Have you taught/trained to teach in the last five years?

If you can answer YES to all these questions then fill in the pre-registration form.
If the answer is NO to any of these questions then please contact us.
Once you have filled in the pre-registration form then one of our personal consultants will be in touch to advise you on all aspects of working in the UK including:

  • Whether you need to obtain a visa
  • Where you could stay
  • How you would be paid
  • How you could travel around the UK and still teach
  • Whether you need medical insurance