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Since enlisting with Essential Education at the beginning of 2010, I have only experienced a totally professional and supportive response from this agency. Given I have full-time teaching experience of over 20 years and wanted to take on a PhD as part of my own professional development, I was unsure of what was involved with supply agencies. I have been extremely fortunate, however, in the agency finding me immediate and continued work; and my subsequent time in very different schools have been highly positive. Given the sensitive nature of supply/temporary/long term work, I genuinely feel I am able to communicate my time in these schools with confidence, and in the knowledge that there is a supportive team to guide me. In particular, I would want to mention Victoria Horrocks who has dealt with me since the beginning of my time with Essential and continues to do so with respect and professional understanding.

I can only commend Essential Education and hope our relationship cintinues for a very long time.

Mike Miller, English Teacher


Trinity Church of England High School has worked with Essential Education for a number of years and we always speak to them first about any short or long term cover nedds the school has. We believe that we have set up an excellent, productive line of communication with Essential Education. We are more than satisfied that they have a good understanding of the nature of our school and of the requirement we look for in teachers that work here. This has come about through conversations that we have has with Essential Education and the questions they ask about each individual appointment.

We return to Essential Education as our first point of call beacause we have been consistently pleased with the quality of the teaching staff that we have employedthrough them. I value the fact that I can speak professionally, and sometimes candidly, to Victoria and know that our conversation is confidential. This all adds to ensuring that the school is sent the quality of candidate that we require. Victoria also welcomes honest feedback about the staff who work for us.

We have contacted Essential Education in emergency situations at the start of the day and in advancefor CVs of possible staff whom we will then interview. We have found them to be very reliable and know that we can trust them to be honest with us. If they do not have a suitable candidate they will tell us and not attempt to persuade us to interview someone who does not meet the required specification. We value this professional approach.

Mrs Ann Flatman, Deputy Head, Trinity CofE High School, Hulme.


Canon Slade School first began using Essential Education to provide Cover Staff in 2008, and has now become the school's main contact for short and long term supply staff.

The staff at Essential understand Canon Slade's needs with regards to teaching staff and cover supervisors and the teachers they provide have been of the highest standard. They provide excellent Cvs, allow us to trial staff for long term placements, and all paperwork is clear, accurate and up to date. Any issues are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

I would not hesitate to recommend Essential Education to other schools.

Ms J Buffey, Curriculum & Assessment Manager, Canon Slade School, Bolton.